The Addastaff  Project Management Process

An example of the Addastaff process is a current engagement with client that is endeavoring to change multiple complex core business systems simultaneously.   Addastaff deployed multiple Project Management, Program Management, Agile Scrum Master and Data Migration consultants to help our client.   

As part of Addastaff’s unique process, at the beginning of each consultant’s engagement that Addastaff Consultant produces a Project Intake Document / Project Charter document and presents it to the client and the Addastaff Program Manager.  This document is used through the project and built upon.  At a predetermined point, the team meets and discusses this document, how the project has changed, any additional risks identified – what is working and what is not working.  

At the conclusion of the project the Addastaff consultant produces a Post Project Assessment designed for the client to present to senior management and board of directors.  This document answers the questions, what did we just pay for and what did we get for our money?